ABA Client, Nasri Academy Scores High with SNDH

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Nasri Academy in Las Vegas is ready for school! They partnered with ABA’s Founder, Nicole Bell to do a full consulting, training and execution package.

ABA helped fortify their existing processes and procedures and helped them develop alternative activities for recess and break time.

All classrooms are equipped for hybrid learning-giving teachers, parents and students hands on experience if they choose to come back to school or stay home.

Each student and their teachers will have the opportunity to stay connected through their chromebooks, smart boards and technology set up that will allow stay at home learning to take place with the same engagement as those that will be in the classroom.

Through this amazing technology, students at home can be seen by the teacher, as well as the students will see the teacher live in the classroom, so learning will continue no matter the choice of the parent.

In school students have 6ft of spacing between their desk, and others as well as the teacher, as indicated by markers installed by ABA.

Traffic flow has been established to lessen opportunity for staff and students to pass, indicated by the markers on the floor.

Additional sanitizing stations have been strategically put throughout the building as well.

All staff and teachers have attended mask and cleaning/sanitizing classes as well have been updated on all new policy and procedures.

Parents and students have attended webinars updating them on the progress and new policies to ensure a safer return to school

ABA’s service partner cleans and sanitizes the building weekly.

The Southern Nevada Health District’s latest visit to the school indicated that Nasri Academy is far ahead than other schools in regards to Covid-19 return to school preparedness. We are very proud of all the work we as a team have done to make the Nasri staff, parents and students feel safer about returning to school in the Fall.

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